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Member Testimonials


Environment Industry Day provides amazing access …

"I have attended EID every year for the past 7 years and I believe it successfully links our environmental industry with our government officials. New economic opportunities, technology development and related challenges are discussed throughout the year by ONEIA, but highlighted in this event, particularly during members-only meetings with Ministers and MPPS. As a result, practical action plans are put together every year to help our SMEs grow which can boost our economy."
Irene Hassas, Aslan Technologies
ONEIA events offer networking and information …
"I recently attended an ONEIA breakfast, where I heard from several panelists who talked about government programs that offer tax credits, grants or have large procurement budgets. Two of the speakers announced new opportunities that had not yet been publically announced – one was for a $20-million investment fund, and another was for a multimillion dollar environmental cleanup and monitoring program. Following their presentations, I was able to meet with the panelists one-on-one.  I then networked with representatives from many other companies that had also come out for this very informative event.  ONEIA provided me with really focused value - in just a short amount of time."
Mark Vanderheyden, P.Eng., Vice President of Strategic Development, RWDI
ONEIA connected me with new opportunities …
"I was a part of the ONEIA network through my former company, and when I was looking for new opportunities, ONEIA was able to quickly connect me to a few great firms, including Fielding Chemical Technologies.  I am now working with the CEO of Fielding having created a new Firm, Sustainable Path Inc. ( to assist small and medium sized organizations efficiently develop, implement, and maintain sustainability as a core part of their business.  The value of ONEIA membership for me is that is it plugs you into a very broad network of environment and cleantech firms.  And that is a definite asset to your company - and to you as a professional!"
Rick Findlay, Sustainable Path Inc.
Why are more companies joining every day?
“It’s a no-brainer.  ONEIA membership more than pays for itself through the events, access to government and the networking opportunities.  The cost of an ONEIA membership offers excellent value that is comparable to what we spend on trade shows and other ways to acquire clients.  Belonging to the Association is a great complement to everything we are doing to grow our business.”
Grant Walsom, P.Eng., Partner, XCG Consultants

"I would like to let you know about my outstanding experience with your organization! I called looking for a colleague in the industry. It was a long shot. Your staff was accommodating from the time they picked up the phone. I was put in touch with Barry Hurndall of the Canadian Dam Association. Not only did Barry have what I was looking for but I also made a business connection. I have some great ideas for Barry & the CDA members. If everyone were like this the world would be a better place!"
Kristi Searl, Klohn Crippen Consultants

"We were very glad we attended the Post-Globe. It's very helpful to be able to stay on top of international business development opportunities at one concise forum as most of our BD resources are currently being directed to the US market. We made some good contacts and have a good idea of where to direct our efforts in Europe thanks to the Post-Globe"
Kerry Bolanos-Shaw, Adventus Remediation Technologies Inc
"Through a chance meeting, I met a representative from ONEIA. Very shortly after we began talking, it was evident that ONEIA's access to a wealth of information would be of tremendous benefit to us. After sending a request for information on a number of topics, we quickly received what we were looking for. I strongly encourage others to take advantage of what ONEIA has to offer!"
Human Resources Manager, Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

“The meeting was good but the one-to-one meeting in particular was excellent. My description is as follows: ONEIA help us convert environmental investment into market success."
Eric Chun, Seeker Green Products Ltd.

"We were recently asked to secure the services of environmental experts from Canada for a United States federal agency project. As a small firm in Virginia, USA, unfamiliar with businesses in Canada, we requested ONEIA's assistance in identifying potential candidates, and within days, we were able to present the credentials of very qualified Canadian environmental scientists to the hiring agency. We are very grateful for ONEIA's excellent response -- it was quick, accurate and ONEIA's actions will definitely benefit its member scientists. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again."
Elizabeth Zepeda, Zepeda International, Inc.

"I would like to thank ONEIA for being very helpful (and quick!) in providing me with information regarding environmental organizations in the Town of Richmond Hill. Thank you for your assistance!"
Erika Petersons, Town of Richmond Hill

"I wanted to thank the staff at ONEIA for helping me research companies in Canada dealing with the commercialization of credits for emissions reductions. The information was provided to me quickly, which made my work much easier and which allowed me to provide the critical information to the Canadian Embassy overseas. This information will hopefully lead into a major business opportunity for Canada."
Estelle Gauthier, Industry Canada/Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade

"ONEIA assisted our department in locating the environmental companies operating within our jurisdiction, quickly and efficiently. This makes our work much easier and allows us to support such an important industry sector."
John Alderdice, City of Toronto

"I just wanted to express my thanks to ONEIA for assisting our company to obtain an Insurance provider to service our unique needs."
George Neilson, Lacombe Waste Service

"You (ONEIA) were able to direct me to soil remediation companies in Ontario that I was able to call and ask my questions about the current environment/contracts/ competitors in the space.  Your email with sources including companies, agencies, and associations for landfill management was also very helpful in locating contacts for me to bounce my questions on landfill use in Canada off of. Shai, you help was very helpful. It helped me get to an answer much faster than if I had to locate those contacts completely on my own. Thanks!"
Brant Avondet, Monitor Equity Insights

"Thank you so much for your quick reply! I didn't expect to get your answer within just four hours. The information provided will be great helpful to our finding suppliers efficiently. I will let you know the result after contacting those firms."

David Jiang, President, Access Consulting International Inc.

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