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EnviroAnalysis 2013 Conference

  • 15 Sep 2013
  • 18 Sep 2013
  • Toronto, ON

EnviroAnalysis 2013 Conference

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The EnviroAnalysis Conference has a strong focus on environmental and analytical chemistry, providing a technical program of plenary speakers and both oral and poster presentations. Topics range from novel sampling methods to detection by the most sophisticated spectrometers, and will cover applications involving the analysis of air, drinking water, wastewater, soils, sediments, and many other sample types. The conference will also offer short courses, an exhibition and awards program.
EnviroAnalysis Conference Technical Program
Suggested Symposia*
Advanced chromatography techniques
New persistent organic pollutants
Water analysis and regulations / industrial applications
Microbiology methods and immunoassays
Low and high resolution ICP-MS and atomic spectroscopy
Fast GC / time-of-flight mass spectroscopy
Chemical speciation
Microwave extraction
Quality assurance and quality control
Suggested Professional Development Courses*
Analytical Courses
Metallomics approach for speciation biological samples
Introduction to ICP-MS
Performance-based approach to selecting and demonstrating
Applicability of analytical methods for their intended purpose
Environmental monitoring and fingerprinting: the use of ICP-MS based
Isotopic measurements
Demystifying method development: method development and validation for regulatory programs
Extraction chromatography for enhanced elemental and isotopic
Regulatory Courses
GLP – Good Laboratory Practice
GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice
Laboratory Safety
*To be finalized in early 2013

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