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Cities Going Circular Webinar

  • 25 Jun 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • virtual

The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Toronto, in partnership with Canada Circular Hotspot, has created a five-part webinar series called “Making the Circular Economy Real”. These webinars will continue through 2020 with the first one being organized on June 25th "Cities going Circular"!

Webinar 1 "Cities going Circular"

This first webinar, themed "Cities going Circular" will focus on urban centers and how they apply circular concepts to their systems, services and solutions. We will hear from Circle Economy in the Netherlands and the City of Toronto. Four Dutch and Canadian professionals tell us why they think circular practices are crucial to the prosperity of cities and how staged approaches and technological tools help facilitate the transition from a linear to circular economy.

Find out more about the speakers below.

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Speakers | Making the Circular Economy Real | Webinar 1


  • Matthew Fraser
    Matthew is driven by the need to realise a new economic model that delivers prosperity within the boundaries of our planet, and acknowledges that cities have a pivotal role to play in catalysing that transition globally. In his role as a Senior Project Manager at Circle Economy, he works together with cities to scope their opportunities and realize innovative and practical circular economy strategies. He also leads the development of digital tools that will allow cities and businesses to harness local data to capitalise on the benefits brought by the circular economy and take the first critical steps toward implementation. Matthew’s background is rooted in sustainability advisory, where he previously tackled complex global challenges like the food system, logistics and mobility, and sustainable consumption.
  • Meaghan Davis
    Meaghan is the Acting Manager for the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy and Innovation unit in the Solid Waste Management Services Division. Meaghan is working to advance Toronto's aspirational goals of zero waste and becoming Ontario's first municipality with a circular economy. Her current focus is on ramping up efforts to incorporate circular principles in City procurements, projects, and communications strategies. Meaghan has also been involved in the development of Toronto's first project to generate renewable natural gas from Green Bin organic waste. The initiative will enable the City of Toronto to create a closed-loop approach where organics collection trucks can be powered by the waste product they collect.
  • Colin Isaacs
    Colin Isaacs is Executive Director of Canada Circular Hotspot. He is a Chartered Chemist with thirty five years of experience as a consultant in Sustainable Development for Business as well as in municipal and provincial politics and in the environmental NGO sector.
  • Paul van der Werf
    Paul is a senior consultant with AET Group and 2cg. He was educated at the University of Guelph and Western University’s Department of Geography, where in 2018 he completed a PhD, with research focused on improving food waste measurement and developing a successful intervention to reduce household food waste.

    Paul is a recognized waste management expert with more than 27 years of national and international experience. His key areas of expertise include waste composition analysis and food and organic waste management. He is a long-time waste management commentator and has published more than 135 articles on various aspects of waste management, in Canada and abroad.


If you cannot attend on June 25, please register and we will send you a link after the event so that you can watch the webinar at your choice of time on a day subsequent to June 25.

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