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Ontario Environment Industry Association EnviroChannel

A cost-effective way to share your news with those who matter in the environment field. Do you want to share important news with more than 6,200 organizations and individuals across Ontario and around the country? EnviroChannel, a service from the Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA), lets you reach an incredibly diverse mix of:
  • Environmental service suppliers
  • Purchasers of environmental supplies and services
  • Government departments and policymakers
  • Environmental opinion leaders
  • Media contacts
Do you have a new product or service offering that will benefit environmental firms? Are you hosting an event that those in the environment community should know about? ONEIA’s EnviroChannel is an incredibly cost-effective way to share your message with those who matter in the environment field

A permission-based list … at your service: EnviroChannel is a permission-based e-mail list, administered by ONEIA, of more than 6,200 unique contacts. We do not sell or rent this list but we can send a communication to members of this list on your behalf.

Reasonable rates, twice-monthly delivery: We can send up to 400 words of text with a customized subject line to all or part of our list for rates as low as $400 plus GST. At rates as low as $0.06 per person, that’s an incredibly cost-effective way to target the environmental audience you need to reach.

 ONEIA member company
 Non-member company $675+GST

EnviroChannel releases are sent twice a month, on alternate Monday mornings. And if you’d like to reach a more specific audience, we can narrow down our list for you for a small additional fee – just contact us for details! Access EnviroChannel now. To access EnviroChannel today, contact the ONEIA offices at info@oneia.ca or call 416.531.7884.

Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)
192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 306, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 2C2
Tel: 416-531-7884    Email: info[at]oneia.ca


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