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About the Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)

Established in 1991, ONEIA is the business association representing the interests of the environment industry in Ontario. Our network of thousands of contacts includes key people at environmental technology, product and service companies, law, investment and insurance firms, institutes, universities and governments. Through their innovation and experience in Ontario and around the world, Ontario’s environment industry provides market-driven solutions for society's most pressing environmental problems.

While our industry is diverse, ONEIA provides a place where a variety of companies, entrepreneurs and other organizations in the environment field can come together to work on common concerns, share information and explore business opportunities.  Through ONEIA, they can work towards a society that understands and values the contribution that market-based solutions make to our environmental problems. Back to top.

About Ontario’s environment industry

Key stats on Ontario’s Environment Industry (according to Statistics Canada)

  • Includes more than 3,000 environment companies in Ontario

  • Offers world-class technology and environmental services

  • Employs more than 65,000 highly trained people

  • Generates annual revenues in excess of $8 billion

  • Creates exports with a value approaching $1-billion

Leading Edge Innovation

Ontario’s environment industry develops environmentally innovative and economically efficient technologies and management solutions for a wide range of needs.

Advanced solutions for air and water pollution, solid waste, and management of hazardous materials, site remediation and decontamination, and others have been developed and commercialized by Ontario companies.

World-Class Technologies

Ontario’s environment industry offers the world’s best environmental technologies. Whatever the challenge and whatever the need, Ontario’s environment industry can offer a range of solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally sound. From municipal water treatment to the most advanced renewable energy technology, Ontario companies offer solutions that set a world standard.

Global Solutions

Ontario companies export environmental technologies and services to every part of the globe. From the Amazon basin to the deserts of North Africa, Ontario companies are leading providers of the best in environmental technology and knowledge.  Ontario experts participate in many of the world’s leading environmental forums and work alongside government agencies to develop solutions for many of the world’s most serious environmental and public health challenges.

Innovation, Competitiveness and Green Jobs

Environmental innovation is the key to helping Ontario industry succeed in world markets.  Ontario environment companies help our industry produce higher quality goods with lower environmental impact, reducing their energy costs, water usage, waste generation and general environmental footprint.  This makes them more competitive in the global economy.  And in the process, our environment firms employ tens of thousands of highly skilled professionals with hands-on experience in Canada and around the world – creating green jobs and green technology for the prosperous Ontario of tomorrow. Back to top.

What ONEIA offers its members

ONEIA quickly returns value for its annual membership fee by plugging its member companies into a growing network of business professionals across Ontario and around the world.  The organization’s various services & programs include:

Environmental Business Opportunity Breakfasts (EBOBs) and networking events: ONEIA's breakfast meetings and other events are an excellent opportunity for networking and information sharing.  These regular events feature high-profile guest speakers from government and industry addressing a range of topics.

Environment Industry Day (EID) at Queen's Park: Each year, groups of ONEIA members spend a day meeting with Ministers, MPPs and senior bureaucrats to update them on our activities and discuss the environment industry and government issues. ONEIA members are invited to special sessions with senior officials from the Ministry of the Environment and other related Ministries. The Minister and range of prominent industry and government representatives attend the closing VIP reception and network with ONEIA members.

The Environment and Cleantech Business and Policy Forum brings together investment and business leaders, executives from Ontario’s growing environment and cleantech sector, and senior government policy makers to share information, discuss common challenges and share opportunities for investment and growth. 

Advocacy Committee: For you or your colleagues, ONEIA’s advocacy committee and various subcommittees can plug you or your colleagues into new business networks where you can meet other professionals, hear about upcoming changes in government policy and propose new ideas to government. 

ONEIA has excellent relationships with provincial ministries and helps shape environmental policy in Ontario. Our influential Advocacy Committee regularly discusses current legislative and regulatory matters and their impact on members. Various sub-committees (e.g. Brownfields, Waste and Water) develop position papers and letters representing the consensus of member views and take them to the government for response and action.

Marketing Ontario's environment companies: ONEIA regularly promotes and connects its members to potential partners and clients.  Each year, the association publishes a directory of its member firms, widely distributing it through our outreach at trade shows, relationships with partner organizations, targeted mailings and through our website.  We regularly field calls and e-mails through our office from potential clients, partners and investors – connecting them directly with those in our membership.

EnviroChannnel: ONEIA’s permission-based e-mail network lets interested parties reach an environmental audience of more than 4,000 unique contacts, including environmental service suppliers, purchasers of environmental supplies and services, government departments and policymakers, environmental opinion leaders and media contacts. Back to top.


As a private nonprofit association, ONEIA is able to work on behalf of Ontario's environment companies thanks to the fees paid by our members and the generosity of our sponsors.  The following companies have sponsored ONEIA events in the past year - if your company is interested in discussing the benefits of sponsorship, please e-mail info[at]oneia.ca

Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)
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