Ontario environment firms optimistic but wary about prospects

Ontario's environment and cleantech companies are largely optimistic about its prospects for the future, but is still wary of possible problems in the form of market demand, regulatory problems and financing, according to the first iteration of the "Environment and Cleantech barometer."  The Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) asked companies across the province about such issues as their general outlook, optimism about business prospects and factors that they feel limit their growth.   

"This largely reaffirmed what we at ONEIA hear every day in our dealings with companies across Ontario," said Alex Gill, the Association's Executive Director.  "We know that our companies are good at what they do and can do well in any market, but factors beyond their control often get in the way."

In the survey, companies cited such issues as regulatory uncertainty, financing and "uncertain market demand" in their opinions on their future prospects.

To see a summary of survey results, click here.  And stay tuned as ONEIA regularly reaches out to talk with companies across Ontario about the business of the environment in Ontario. 

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